As the impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, our Customer Success teams will be standing by ready and eager to support our customers with the same level of service and quality we have always strived for.

To better assist those with urgent issues impacting their businesses due to the Coronavirus, please consider contacting support. We thank you for your continued trust, understanding, and patience as we work through this situation together.

Why your company needs to work with Epic

The Epic Promise & Guarantee

Do you want something fresh and dynamic online that’s using all the latest eCommerce technology?
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We pride ourselves on customer service and easy-to-use websites. You’ll experience tremendous flexibility and power with an Epic site, and a development team that works with you to create a site that converts your visitors into customers. Our mantra: cutting-edge technology that makes you more money. Our philosophy on per-order fees: we don’t “punish” businesses for doing better, so there is no per-order fee. We promise to never take a percentage of your sales. We don’t need a percentage or per-order fee as an incentive to do better; we take pride in being the best because it’s our passion. Your site’s load-time speed is blazing fast. It’s being protected from DDoS attacks, and runs through the most expensive and powerful CDN in the world,  https://www.akamai.com/. Because we’re serious about your online business, your website will be up 99.99% of the time.

Professional eCommerce Experts

On average, over 90% of visitors who come to your site leave without purchasing anything. We can help to bring them back and buy from your website.
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We have an email strategy that brings, on average, 15% of those visitors back to buy from your website, whether it’s from an abandoned shopping cart or any of your other pages. This service alone usually covers most of our clients’ monthly costs, if not all.

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Awesome Email Re-marketing

Tired of getting a low open rate percentage on your emails? Want to raise that by 500%? Through automated segmentation and sending emails your customers actually want to see, you’ll experience the benefits of email marketing like never before.
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Forget everything you know about email marketing, because now there’s a better way. It’s time to send automated, segmented, personalized emails that your customers actually want to see. Other email software is for sending emails; Epic’s automated and customized email re-marketing service, epicBloom, is for making money.

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Beautiful designs that are Conversion Rate Optimized

Most web developers don’t design for CRO (conversion rate optimization), but we do at Epic. We have specific details in place and best practice strategies to help our Epic sites sell more.
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With a professional conversion rate optimizer on staff, not only do we build Epic sites to convert your visitors into sales, but we also spread other features and services throughout our designs to make sure you make more money.

Professional Merchandising

Epic’s merchandising service looks within your site’s analytics and takes action to make you more money. Are your best-selling products front and center for your customers to see? What about the most popular on-site searches; are those being considered to help you sell more? See how Professional Merchandising works to increase your site’s sales.
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-Merchandising Insights allow us to view what your customers are searching for within your site. We make sure to use the data to your advantage. -Customer Insights allow us to see your best customers, customers at risk, and a lot more. -Abandon Cart Insights tell us about products most likely to be abandoned, and more. -Marketing Insights tell us about customer lifetime value. They show us which marketing channel had the highest first order value, and how many customers purchased.

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Custom Built eCommere Apps

The epicToolbox is a custom set of powerful tools that focuses specifically on eCommerce websites’ needs. Convert more sales, focus on customer retention marketing, and to run your online business smoother than ever.
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– Loyalty+, is a built-in reward system that gives your customers store credit (money back on their online account) from purchases, and automatically notifies them of their balance each month via email. – Pop Cards allow you to message your customers if they’re leaving the site, plus 100 other ways of marketing through banners or cards. – Merchandising Pro allows you to position your products the way you want, change prices in bulk, and more. – eLocal offers features such as cut-off times by zip code, calendar block dates, local product delivery only and more.

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Multiple ways for your customers to pay

Do you know how many people leave a website on a mobile device because of a poor checkout experience? It’s A LOT! Mobile is the future, and we have the answer by offering “One Click” payments options for your customers on mobile and desktop, such Amazon Payments, Android Pay,  Apple Pay, and Paypal.
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Imagine if someone was at your checkout and could choose to pay through their Amazon Payments account. They could even choose from their amazon.com address book where the product is sent…wouldn’t that be great? Well, they can with Epic sites. They can also opt for Paypal, Android Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, etc..

Built-in site analytics

Have you ever wanted more information about your site’s products, customers, orders, sales, etc… that Google Analytics can’t tell you?
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Epic Analytics is a suite of reports designed specifically for eCommerce. Other tools like Google Analytics help you track performance, but they lack deeper insights such as customer purchase data, segmentation and lifetime value calculation. The Analytics Dashboard gives you a consolidated snapshot of all your critical metrics, including orders, visits, conversion rate, AOV and more. Quickly see what’s working and what’s not, and then drill down to solve problems.

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Omni Channel Sales and 100s of Apps

Today’s consumer wants options to buy on multiple websites, as well as social media outlets like Facebook and Pinterest. You, as a business owner, want options and flexibility for sales. You get all that with BigCommerce’s choices of hundreds of apps.
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Don’t be restricted to selling your products on your website and retail store. Expect more flexibility and sales channels from Epic. Online marketplaces Get your products in front of millions of shoppers by listing on high-traffic marketplaces, like eBay and Amazon. Social media Shoppers can discover and buy your products on some of the world’s most popular social media platforms, including Facebook and Pinterest. Check out the 100’s of apps integrated with Epic sites: BigCommerce Apps
You’ll find we’re different at epicShops. We don’t simply create websites and send business owners on their way.  We understand that your business is always growing and changing. Therefore, we set our customers up with the right eCommerce tools to be successful all along the way.

1. Our founder opened a business with his wife in 1996, and then successfully sold it in 2015. We understand business owners’ needs and challenges. 2. We constantly strive to better serve our customers. Service is Job Number One. If our clients don’t do well, we’re not happy and we won’t do well. 3. We host a range of powerful options with your epicShops site. If you review the tools that come with an epicShops website, and the 150+ companies who have integrated their apps into our sites, you’ll see we’re in a league all our own. 4. We’re never happy with the status quo. We are always pushing ourselves to offer better technology, online marketing, and service. 5. We have an awesome team, and always strive to be the best. Teamwork gets the job done. See our epicShops team HERE.

We are innovative thinkers in eCommerce . We focus on the bigger picture of conversions. Our customer service is beyond awesome, and our websites are ridiculously easy to use.

''epicFlowers brings a fresh and exciting approach to fully independent Florist eCommerce. Their integration with a proven and growing provider in Big Commerce made our decision a no brainer. Continual updates and upgrades, truly SEO friendly and easy to use interface, and of course superior “Florist Specific” support through epicFlowers will quickly make epicFlowers the most sought after Independent Florist eCommerce Solution.''

Duane, Dragonfly Flowers

''Just wanted to say that this website is really working out great. With this pricing structure our average order is around $80. Much more than it used to be and somehow we are getting orders with no help from Google. Thank you for our awesome new website. It is better in every way than our old “wire service” website. It’s truly built to sell flowers and the plug-ins available add great functionality and finally we can service our customers the way we have always wanted! ''

Greg, The Dancing Dandilion

''We have been a customer for almost a year and couldn’t be happier with Brandon and his team. We immediately experienced 50% more orders with our new website. Also, we have been extremely satisfied with the ongoing support and the customization that we have requested. They are definitely a 5 Star operation from our experience!''

Richard, Lindskoog Florist

''I love my wedding blog website. Brandon was really easy to work with. epicFlowers rocks! Brandon is an amazing human being, and has been working his ass off for me the last month or so! I am so impressed with his passion for making awesome florist websites, and how much attention he gives you in the process. I have gotten more customer service in one hour with Brandon than I have had with any other company I have ever dealt with! He really is for real!''

Adam, Belvedere Flowers

''Several times in your life, a chance meeting turns into a beautiful thing. For me, Brandon at epicFlowers was one of those chances and now I have a beautiful mobile-ready e-commerce website. I’ve never worked with a more laid back, yet buttoned up guy. He listens, understands (because he’s a florist too) and has the talent to put it all together for you. The software is easy to learn, use and I am in complete control. I recommend them to any florist looking for an ecommerce site, independent from the wire services. It’s everything they can do and more.''

Connie, Treehouse Florist