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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Did your web developer set your site up with CRO best practices in mind? At Epic it’s our #1 priority to make sure your site makes you more money, so CRO is in every one of our equations.

Why you need to increase your conversion rate.

You need to make conversion rates your number-one priority for these three reasons:

1. There’s lots of room for improvement. Most websites are losing buckets of money every day because they do an atrocious job of selling products or services to their visitors.

2. Paid search will keep getting more competitive. And increasing your bids is not the answer.

3. Split-testing software is now highly affordable. Split-testing software allows you to test changes to your website—and tells you which changes brought in the most customers.

Unfortunately, though, split-testing software doesn’t tell you what to test. That’s where our expertise comes into play. And this whole website gives you a taste of what we can do.

We offer these three services to help your business make more money.


1. Examine and Act

After examining your website and the analytics, we take action to fix issues we find that are causing you to lose money.

2. Customer Acquisition

Once we’re finished setting your site up in step one we concentrate on lead generation and how we acquire more customers.

3. Analyze and Act

CRO is not a set it and forget it, there is analyzation to be done and changes made to always fine tune your site for better success.

Tools for CRO and UX

Our 27 favorite ways to find out why visitors abandon a website. Contains software, techniques, and UX tools for finding out exactly why your potential customers aren’t converting.

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