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1 BigCommerce App with the tools to sell more online
Pricing:  All Apps are $79 a month, your first two weeks are free. If you pay for two apps, take 10% off month. If you pay for three or more apps, take %25 off per month.
  The Tools:
eLocal date_range
Control local deliveries and pickup like never before
Choose your available delivery dates and times, and mark unavailable holidays and custom dates. Offer in-store pick up as an option, too.
A few great Ideas for eLocal:
Allow in-store pickup for multiple physical locations Block dates without delivery service Specify order cutoff by zipcode or postal code Use built in urgency countdown timer to incentivize purchase without delay
A Quick Overview
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Pop Cards announcement
Your message anytime and anywhere.
Put your important messages in front of your visitors eyes. Choose where, when, what message they see, and even assign a Pop Card to keep customers looking when they try to leave your site.
A few great Ideas for Pop Cards:
Add quick, important messages to any page Inform customers about sales or special events Display exit coupon as customers leave the site
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Upsell Magic add_shopping_cart
Customizable add-on products
Offer customized upsell products based on price, zip code, category, and more! Enjoy complete control over suggesting additional items for each customer without leaving money on the table.
A few great Ideas for Upsell Magic:
Display product-specific accessories or extras Offer rush delivery to specified local zip codes Present luxury products to high-value shoppers
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Loyalty+ loyalty
Reward your customers with money back.
Retain your best customers with a customizable rewards program, and send monthly credit reminder emails to keep them coming back for more.
A few great Ideas for Loyalty+:
Actively incentivize one-time customers to shop again Send automated monthly emails with store credit balance info Encourage guest shoppers to sign up for store accounts
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Product Pro swap_vertical_circle
More control over your products.
Easily arrange your products to put your top sellers where they belong – at the top! Also, quickly adjust individual item prices, or use bulk pricing to change an entire category.
A few great Ideas for the Product Pro:
Quickly arrange products on category pages Place best-selling products directly in front of shoppers Suggest custom messages with gift orders
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Inside the App
Smart Widgets dashboard
Easily control your home-page banner images!
Control all aspects of your main banner images. Automate seasonal banner changes with simple, easy to use, drag and drop functionality.
A few great Ideas for Smart Widgets:
Pre-schedule seasonal banner changes Display custom banners for holidays or sale events Easily test your marketing banners
A Quick Overview
Inside the App
eMenu menu
Merchandising through Featured Products and Occasions
Control your top-level category featured products using the eMenu dropdown, as well as highlight upcoming holidays, sales, and events!
A few great Ideas for the eMenu:
Streamline merchandising by placing best-selling items in your dropdown menu Feature special events with custom dates Link to holiday and seasonal categories and web pages
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epicBloom email
Easy to use targeted and automated email re-marketing
Send emails your customers actually want to read! Schedule time-specific emails, drip campaigns, and targeted messages to specific customer groups. Send segmented campaigns based on region, order history, or sale options
A few great Ideas for epicBloom:
Customize abandoned cart emails Create welcome emails for first-time shoppers Win back inactive customers with dynamically generated coupon codes
A Quick Overview
Inside the App
The epicToolbox Terms and Conditions can be found [HERE]