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Online Marketing Services

The Epic Approach:


We believe there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all online marketing solution. At Epic, we get to know your company, talk about your goals, and do our research. We work with you to choose the best combination of approaches that lead to greater website traffic, improved user experiences, and increased online sales. 

We offer a host of online marketing services below, and we’d love to chat about customizing a digital solution that best fits your needs.

What’s your marketing strategy?

Social Media Marketing

A powerful communication tool, social media allows companies to reach their customers on their own territory, while also defining their brands and expanding their outreach. Social media marketing can also increase the effectiveness of other marketing techniques – including SEO – by helping build links, drive traffic, and establish credibility and trust. If you’ve struggled in the past with your social media program, Epic can help.

Great for companies that want to brand their business, engage with customers, and drive sales through targeted advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

To rank for the terms your customers are searching for, your website must be optimized. A long-term SEO strategy is critical for creating and formatting content that is going to continually put your business at the top of SERP listings. At Epic, we offer fully custom packages that improve website ranking and authority, and always keep Conversion Rate Optimization at the top of our list of goals. Not only do we work to increase traffic – we also work to ensure that the visitors coming to your site find is easy to make a purchase or find the information you want them to see (sign-up forms, event registrations, etc.).

Great for companies that want to rank higher for search terms related to their business, and increase traffic (and sales!) on their website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most effective tools for reached your customers, and smart email marketing targets your customers’ purchasing behaviors, demographics and more. With our email marketing platform, epicBloom, you’ll target customers who have already made purchases on your store, therefor increasing their Customer Lifetime Value. By segmenting your audience, you’ll reach your customers with highly relevant messages, and send them information they actually want to read.

Great for companies that want to increase customer loyalty, improve retention and grow online sales.

Content Marketing

Instead of relying on the “hard pitch” to sell your products or services, Content Marketing delivers useful, relevant information to your customers and improves your business’s credibility. Bonus: it’s also a great way to incorporate search keywords throughout your site and rank higher for the terms your customers are searching for. Deliver valuable information online, and pique the interest of customers to create long-lasting loyalty.

Great for companies that want to educate customers about their products or services, and improve organic SEO traffic to their website.

Location & Listings Management

Synchronizing your online presence solidifies your brand and earns your website domain major credibility points. We’ll ensure your listings are complete and correct on all relevant directories (100s) and that they link back to your greatest asset – your website. Our team works to verify and optimize your listings, making your online presence consistent across the web.

Great for companies that have multiple locations, have changed their business name or website, or want to improve their website’s domain authority.

Marketing Videos

It’s no secret that video is a great medium to expressing your company’s message online – and social media algorithms love them, too. Communicate, inspire and engage with animated videos at a fraction of the cost of live videos. We’ll help you turn marketing concepts into dynamic content, telling your brand’s awesome story and driving sales. 

Great for companies that want to engage customers with content that entertains, inspires and showcases your unique brand.